In The Zone

Interesting chats with Mike and Josh

AI and the automation of art

Can AI ever produce art? What do we mean by art anyway? Mike and Josh consider the potential impact of AI and automated technologies on the world of art production and literature.

Animals, language, killing and death

Mike and Josh are joined by Dr Emma Franklin, a linguist whose research explores the language around death, and specifically, the killing of animals.

Isolation and the world after Covid-19

Mike and Josh are joined by Emma Franklin to talk about isolation and the changes to daily life brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. What will happen next? Mike, Josh and Emma share their thoughts on the world after Covid-19.

Coronavirus and the cult of the individual

Amidst growing fears surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, Mike and Josh talk about the impact of the virus and the extent to which individuals should be responsible for their own self-care.

Man Plus by Frederik Pohl

In the latest instalment of the In The Zone Book Club, Mike and Josh talk about Frederik Pohl’s Man Plus (1976) – a tale of biological transformation and computer control.

Vladislav Surkov and the politics of chaos

In this podcast, Mike and Josh talk about the enigmatic figure Vladislav Surkov, a man whose influence has helped Vladimir Putin cement his power, and who has overseen Russian policies in Ukraine.

Academic activism

What role does activism have to play in academia? Mike and Josh discuss all things politics in academia, and ask whether you can ever separate a researcher from the politics they bring to a discussion.

The US Space Force vs Starfleet Command

As the US government announces the launch of its brand-new ‘Space Force’, Mike and Josh discuss some of the issues and implications around the new military service.

Irregular warriors and mercenary soldiers

Mike and Josh discuss the concept of the ‘irregular warrior’, from the mercenary soldier to the partisan or guerrilla fighter, and the blurred lines between the citizen, the soldier and the state.

First anniversary special

It’s our first birthday! To celebrate, Mike and Josh reminisce about previous shows, and some of the most interesting topics and memorable guests.

‘Good guys’ revisited

Mike and Josh return to the topic of the ‘good guys’ in law and war, and discuss just when and how it might be acceptable to bend the rules to save a life.

The noir crime fiction of James Ellroy

In the latest instalment of the In The Zone Book Club, Josh talks about the writer James Ellroy – an author who courts no small amount of controversy in his topics and approach to character.