In The Zone

Interesting chats with Mike and Josh

Bad Science and the anti-vax movement

Why do people believe in homeopathy, and who’s to blame for the controversial anti-vax movement? Mike and Josh discuss Bad Science by Ben Goldacre, and the dangerous implications of the ‘bad science’ used to justify irrational and unethical beliefs.

Gym culture

Mike and Josh are joined by Kurtis Cusimano to talk about strength sports and the culture around weightlifting, powerlifting and the World’s Strongest Man.

Academic job hunting

Mike and Josh share their thoughts on the academic jobs market, and the many barriers stopping early career researchers making it in academia.

Digital archiving revisited

Mike and Josh are joined by Claire McGann to talk about the digitisation of historic archives, and the various pros and cons of the digitisation process.

Football and identity

What makes a ‘football person’? Is there such a thing as a ‘proper fan’? Mike and Josh are joined by Luke Graham to discuss issues of identity and gatekeeping in football.

Neuroplasticity and the addictions of the brain

How and why do we form addictions? How do we resolve them? Mike and Josh are joined by Kurtis Cusimano to talk about neuroplasticity and the way addictions are formed.

Writing desks and the way we write

Is our writing space important? What do our writing desks say about us? Mike and Josh are joined by Claire McGann to discuss all things writing-related, with a chat about writing desks and the way we write.

Destitution and human rights

What is destitution, and how can we define destitution in law? Mike and Josh are joined by Luke Graham (Law) to discuss this fascinating new area of research.

The chaos of war

How do armed forces seek to rationalise the chaos of war? Is it even possible? Mike and Josh discuss the use of technology during the Vietnam War and the infamous Operation Igloo White. They go on explore the implications of technology-led warfare, and ask whether there can ever be such a thing as too much information for commanders to digest.

The digital archive

What data should we store for posterity? How do we decide what to keep and what to throw away? In this episode, Mike and Josh discuss the digital archive, and the issues with long term data storage and the internet.

Micro-transactions in gaming

Mike and Josh discuss the ever-increasing use of microtransactions in gaming, and their impact on gaming communities and the wider economy. They also discuss the thorny issue of loot boxes, and the way games publishers are introducing gambling through the back door.

The living and the dead

What happens to our data when we die? Mike and Josh chat about the growing trend in online memorialisation, with social media pages being turned into digital monuments for the dead. Is it ethical? Is it even in good taste? Tune in to find out!