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Working in the home

Balancing work and childcare. Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Mike and Josh are joined by Dr Emily Cox-Palmer-White to discuss a new research project she’s working on around the concept of domestic labour and the distribution of work in the household.

About Emily

Dr Emily Cox-Palmer-White is a researcher in sci-fi, gender and philosophy. Her blog can be found at:

Working in the Home

Housework, childcare, managing a household and maintaining a pleasant environment are all crucial jobs which are often not talked about or even acknowledged as ‘work’.

The Working in the Home research project is open to anyone to share their stories of work in the household, so no matter what your living arrangements, please take a few minutes to share your story on the Working in the Home website.

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  1. Love the discussion but secretly amused at the noise in the background; likened to tidying up.


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