In The Zone

Interesting chats with Mike and Josh

Destitution and human rights

What is destitution, and how can we define destitution in law? Mike and Josh are joined by Luke Graham (Law) to discuss this fascinating new area of research.

Organs, Tissue and the Great Transplant Debate

Mike and Josh are joined by PhD researcher Lindsey-Claire Hogg to discuss the law around organ transplants, and specifically, tissue transplants in minors (children). In what proves to be a fascinating discussion, Lindsey outlines the different between organ and tissue transplants, how we define ‘minors’ and what we mean by informed consent. We never knew organ donation could be so interesting!

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance with Rafael Savva

Mike and Josh chat to Rafael Savva, final year PhD student in law, to discuss his research into corporate governance and the link between social responsibility and the law.