In The Zone

Interesting chats with Mike and Josh

Genetics, Gender and Caster Semenya

Mike and Josh explore the curious case of Caster Semenya – a South African athlete whose hyperandrogenism arguably gives her a competitive advantage in the women’s 800m.

The Moral Machine

Mike and Josh discuss the implications of the Moral Machine experiment and the ethical variations of people from different countries and cultures.

Space Colonialism and Ethnofuturism

In this episode, Mike and Josh chat with Craig Jones, a PhD researcher at Lancaster University. Craig’s research looks at ‘space colonialism’ and ethnofuturism. [Contains mild swearing]

Social Media and the Internet

In this episode, Mike and Josh chat about the impact of social media and the internet, and the massive power of corporations such as Facebook and Twitter.

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance with Rafael Savva

Mike and Josh chat to Rafael Savva, final year PhD student in law, to discuss his research into corporate governance and the link between social responsibility and the law.

Robot Ethics

Mike and Josh discuss Isaac Asimov’s ‘Three Laws of Robotics’ and ask whether they’re still relevant in today’s world.

The Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles

In this episode, Mike and Josh continue their chat about autonomous or self-driving cars, and venture into the world of ethics.

Autonomous Vehicles

In this episode, Mike and Josh discuss the rise of autonomous vehicles, and the ethical implications of autonomous vehicles for wider society.