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Space Colonialism and Ethnofuturism

Craig Jones, Lancaster University, February 2019

In this episode, Mike and Josh chat with Craig Jones, a PhD researcher at Lancaster University. Craig’s research looks at ‘space colonialism’ and ethnofuturism. It’s really interesting stuff – we hope you agree!

[warning: contains mild swearing]

About Craig

Craig Jones is a PhD candidate and Associate Lecturer in Geography at Lancaster University. Craig completed his MRes project entitled ‘Ethnofuturism: Addressing the Cultural Divide in Outer Space’ in 2016 and his PhD research aims to build on this work. His research project ‘(De)Colonising the ‘Final Frontier’: Extraterestrial Extractivism and Ethnofuturist Engagements’ considers the ways outer space is (re)constructed through different sociocultural imaginaries and articulations, centring itself around asteroid mining as a new extractive ‘frontier’. The project has engaged with both actors in New Space Economy and Ethnofuturist artists, exploring how these futures are constructed and how they may be challenged and contested through different sociocultural positionings. His email is:



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